Feirra Skin Therapy Course

Course Details

The Feirra Skin Therapy Course will train and certify you on the Feirra method, which encompasses Microneedling, Mesotherapy, and PRP.

This course offers 50 hours of online learning and 2 days of hands-on training, as well as a 1 day refresher at a future date of your choice. While you are being trained, you will not only be able to practice on two individuals but also, get the treatment(s) done yourself. You will be provided with 10 kits, which include 10 home client kits, 10 in session kits, and one bottle of Feirra pre-treatment chemical peel.

Course training will be held in NYC.

Feirra Pre-Treatment Facial – Extractions and Chemical Peel Training Course

Course Details

In order to get to a safe point in which you could perform microneedling on your client, you must first clear everything up with a deep facial and chemical peel. Having the right foundation allows for the most optimal results in the shortest amount of time.

This course allows you to have a deeper understanding of facials and the Feirra Chemical Peel through an online course and a one day hands on course. In this course, you will learn: -How to properly prepare, cleanse, steam, extract and peel the skin -To better understand chemical peels, skin types, contraindications, potential side effects and how to give a consultation -How to take before and after pictures, marketing and sales.

Microneedling Course

Course Details

This is a comprehensive course that combines online learning with a two day intensive course on Microneedling.

We work with you and/or your staff to insure a full and rich understanding on how to:

  • Administer the procedure
  • Explain and consult with clients
  • Understanding contraindications, side effects, results
  • As well as, How to take before and after pictures, marketing and sales

We at Feirra, want to lift this industry to a new, uniform standard. This will insure that you are offering the best service for you clients resulting in a long and healthy career in this amazing and ever growing industry.


Course Outline

Feirra is an intensive 2- day hands on with an online theory and medical esthetics course teaches you about skin and how the you can incorporate Feirra Skin Therapy to your practice

Online Course includes:

  • Feirra Skin Therapy – understanding Microneedling, Mesotherapy & PRP
  • Feirra Pre- Treatment
  • Client Consultation, Consent Forms, and Contraindication
  • Feirra Equipment- Pens and Needles
  • How does Feirra Skin Therapy help fight common skin issues
  • Potential side effects
  • Safety and Sanitation protocols
  • Common Skin Disorders
  • Understanding Other Skin Treatments: Lasers, IPL, Chemical Peels
  • Injectables: Botox and Fillers
  • Marketing, Branding, and Advertising

Day 1- Hands on and Theory

  • Feirra Skin Therapy Process
  • Client Consultations and Consent forms
  • Before & After Pictures – How to
  • Precautions, Sterilization, Safety
  • Health Guidelines and Compliance
  • How does Feirra help with Common Skin Disorders?
  • Skin 101 Quiz
  • Feirra Equipment – Pens and Needles

Day 2 – Hands on and Marketing

  • Hands on Feirra Pre-treatment: Facials and Feirra Peel
  • Hands on Feirra Skin Therapy
  • Post care Protocol
  • Conducting Feirra Treatments on Models
  • Managing your Marketing


By signing up with Feirra, you are not only learning our technique of microneedling, but you will also learn how to properly assess and handle not only skin, but hair issues as well. Our prospective esthetician  will gain a thorough understanding on our one of a kind microneedling, mesotherapy and platelet rich plasma treatment and techniques. As a bonus, we will familiarize you with the ingredients in our top secret, potent, all-natural products.


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