anti-aging & regenerative medicine (prp/stem cell)

  • Autologas (Bone Marrow, Adipose Tissue, PRP)
    • Allogenic (Bone Marrow & Adipose)
    • Amniotic Fluid
    • Cord Blood
    • Cord Tissue
    • Warton Jelly
    • Exosomes
  • Pain Management

  • Knee Joint​
  • (Arthritis, Meniscus & ACL Ligament Tear)
    • Hip Joint
    • Ankle Joint
  • Shoulder Joint (Rotator Cuff)
    • Elbow Joint
  • Wrist Joint (Carpel Tunnel)
  • Certification of completion.
  • Marketing material & training
  • Steps on how to build your brand​
    • Before & After pictures
    • Consent/waiver form
    • ​How to do a consultation
  • How to retain and recruit referrals
  • Qualifications Requirement:
  • licensed LPN, RN, PA, LNP, OD, MD if in the Continental US
  • no qualification requirement if an international student

Frequently asked questions

Each training course is a one day, 12 hour, hands-on session

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There will be a minimum of 5 Doctors per class

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You will be able to pay individually for the courses you would like to take. We, believe it works in your benefit to take all of the sections offered in each course. Not only does it help refresh your memory of procedures you might have learned previously but, it also is less expensive than paying individually.

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