Course Includes

  • Interactive online course with two day hands-on training.
    • Live webinars would be arranged for out-of-state or international professionals.
  • Full kit which contains 10 applications.
    • 10% off any additional kits purchased with your training.
  • Certification of completion.
  • Marketing material & training
    • 10% off any additional kits purchased with your training.
  • Consent/waiver form
    • How to do a consultation
    • How to retain and recruit referrals
  • Qualifications Requirement:
    • licensed Esthetician, Cosmetologist, LPN, RN, PA, LNP, OD, MD if in the Continental US
    • no qualification requirement if an international student
  • Price: $1200
    • Access to online course ONLY: $129

Kit Includes

  • Feirra Chemical Peel- up to 20 peels
  • Feirra Peel Prep
  • Feirra vitamin therapy
  • Micelle Cleanser
  • Comedone Extractor
  • Feirra composition oil
  • Cotton rounds
  • Disposable cloths

Frequently asked questions

Facials help to clean out impurities allowing pores to shrink, removes dead skin of of the surface and allows for proper penetration of vitamins and nutrients.

The Feirra peel is a combination of seven different acids as well as enzymes to efficiently treat as many sking conditions as possible. The Feirra peelcan be layered to achieve a light medium or deep peel.

Diamond microdermabrasion, chemical peels and medica facials including extractions

There is a minimum of two students per class and a maximum of 8. We keep our classes small to ensure each student gets as much individual attention as possible

We offer email support and you may retake the class at half price if you require additional time